Aftercare and Integration

If you’ve heard of ‘psychedelic integration’, it’s important to have an idea of ‘integration of what, from what into what?’. Typically, it means ‘integration of ideas, insights, visions and discovered memories from my recent psychedelic experiences into my pre-existing sense of self, my identity, my autobiography and my conception of reality’. 

Psychedelic experiences can disrupt your sense of self, your sense of what matters, what is real or a dream, and what is a memory or an invention. This could be distressing, or it could be just something you’re curious about. Perhaps there is some unrealised potential that you wish to investigate or a question that won’t let you go. Getting to grips with these things is broadly what we mean by psychedelic integration.

Read the full article by Adam Knowles, existential psychotherapist and ayahuasca researcher.

For further information about aftercare and integration, including locating integration groups and therapists please check out our friends at the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy.

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