Integration Circle

Psychedelic experiences can be extraordinary, beautiful, sensual, humbling, terrifying, healing, overwhelming, confusing – and usually some combination of the above! Sometimes it can feel jarring to be back in the mundane, or these ecstatic experiences can have a feeling of having more to reveal, repeatedly drawing our attention back to them to try and access meaning.

The importance of integration when it comes to transformative psychedelic experiences is becoming more and more widely understood. When we have an experience that is so outside of our regular sense of self that we struggle to make sense of it, a supportive circle of fellow travelers can be just what we need to come into our own power and understanding.

Here are companions who may well have an unexpected part of your own puzzle, or you might find yourself called to resonate or share with someone else’s little corner of the mystery. Here are humans who have been on their own journeys, and returned with unexpected treasures – and maybe some unfinished business. Together, we weave a space of mutual respect and support, where connection and compassion allow each of us to take another step forward on the path of self-knowledge.

The PsyCare Psychedelic Integration Circle usually runs on the last Monday of the month, via video call. Pay as you feel, with all funds going towards the aims of the charity.

Attending a psychedelic integration group or circle is one way to start integrating a psychedelic experience. For more ideas and information about integration visit our Aftercare & Integration page.