How good are you at helping others? Are you the first person your friends call at stupid o’clock in the morning because they are upset? If you like helping others and love the thought of making a difference to a complete stranger’s life during a difficult experience then get in touch using the form below.

Working with us you could make a genuine difference to someone’s life, which is guaranteed to make you feel very happy inside. When not on shift you are free to do as you please; to enjoy the event, hang around and chat, catch up on sleep or simply find somewhere to relax.

Ticket expenses are paid in full and PsyCare UK have a portable kitchen facility to ensure that volunteers are cared for just as well as our patients. Though psychedelic crisis work is extremely rewarding and generally very enjoyable it’s not all roses and can be very challenging too. As PsyCare UK offer a 24h service volunteers are required to work several shifts over the course of the weekend. We are very flexible but do require that shifts are fairly distributed to ensure that everyone works both day and night shifts. New volunteers will typically only be able to join us at one event in their first year.

Volunteer applications will open again soon, please watch this space.

Volunteers needed to help manage our accounts. If you are an accountant or have experience/skills in this area and would like to help out please get in touch using the contact form. We would also be interested to hear from people who have expertise in legal matters.