We have been gifted an incredible plot of land in the foothills of the Italian Alps, to fulfil the vision of establishing a permanent, collectively run retreat space for the integration of difficult psychedelic experiences, as a resource for all. The potential of the land and this space is profound, and we are already working together as a transnational psychedelic care community to help bring this into reality.

There are two houses, and the surrounding landscape is home to gardens, fruit trees and springs. However, the houses have not been lived in for around a decade and need some urgent repairs to make them habitable, and enable the following phases of the project to take place.  We have found capable volunteers willing to help with the build, but require some funding both for materials and to help keep volunteers fed and watered. The three most urgent tasks on site are fixing a leaking roof, creating compost toilets and restoring the water supply from a local spring. 

We know that this project has incredible scope, and the potential for people from all over the world, including therapists, artists, psychiatrists, care workers and more, to come together to co-create an unprecedented resource where we can learn from each other and create a meaningful difference in the lives of all those who find themselves in need of such spaces. So please get involved, we need enthusiastic people with all kinds of talents, but first we need to come together to raise some funds.