Event Organisers

PsyCare UK offer an alternative to approaches such as forceful restraint for people suffering psychological difficulties, especially when related to drug use. Our unique type of welfare service is essential to the smooth functioning of any music event. Festivals who ask for our services show that they are conscious, responsible and care to provide the highest standards of harm reduction for their guests.

Although most drugs are banned by law people will still consume them and occasionally find themselves overwhelmed, especially at events. Such people need a safe place and support rather than costly and time consuming medical intervention or security involvement.

Whilst you may be understandably wary of providing drug support due to fears of compromising your desired public image, we have found that our expertise in this area has only served to ease the pressure placed upon the medical and security teams, impress and please council and health & safety officials; improve the experience for the festival-goer and project the image of a conscious and considerate production team who take measures to plan against all eventualities.

We offer:

  • Crisis intervention.
  • Shelter, warmth, privacy, security, rest and recuperation.
  • Befriending, emotional and practical support from an individual facilitator.
  • Unbiased drug information and advice, based around harm reduction philosophy.
  • Support for medical and security services.
  • Hydration, including warm drinks.

Our space is equipped with soft cushions and curtains creating a cosy environment – giving the perfect ambiance for meditation and calmness, in contrast to the hectic pace of the event. We apply the principle of “set and setting” which is key for psychedelic support.  In this tranquil setting we provide a multidisciplinary approach, meaning that each volunteer will make use of what he/she feels is appropriate for the individual at that unique time. This could be anything, including massage, talking or just connecting by holding hands.  We are akin to sitters, rather than guiders, and all our volunteers undergo basic training in ethical and caring work standards.

We have a second structure used as a sleeping area and information point.  This area is basic and used for people who need somewhere to sleep, rest or need general care, but not intense one-to-one psychedelic support.

We are only here to care.

At the event, we work in collaboration with the medical services; if the health and safety of the individual is at risk we do not hesitate to enlist their help.  We are able to alleviate the workload of the medical team so they can concentrate on physical emergencies, leaving Psycare UK to handle psychological or spiritual crises where conventional medical services may struggle to find an appropriate treatment but are unwilling to allow the patient to return to the event grounds.

For more information on what we can provide for your event please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.